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Dasavataram: Questions in my Mind.

Posted by Jithin on July 4, 2008

Saw Dasavataram.

Writing yet another review will be meaningless, there are many reviews floating in the internet. These are the aftermaths after sitting through the movie. I was fascinated by the Kamal’s 10 faces, but a few did not express the human emotions, especially Kamal’s emotions and expressions. Because those faces were masks, and made me feel as though I was looking at dolls.

Some thoughts questioning the occurrences in the movie. You shall understand, if you have seen the film.

1. Can gun shots in anyway be remedy to tumors? Is there any possibility? If yes, how? Well, the doctor indeed says “it’s a miracle!“. So no questions about that is valid.

2. Fletcher owns the idol at the construction site. How does he know that the vial is not in the idol, and come chasing Govind again?

3. Attempting to answer the above question, let’s assume that Fletcher has the brains to analyse that Govind won’t part with the vial, and hence comes to the conclusion that the vial is not in the idol. Now police are on his tail, and he gets surrounded by Indian cops. How did he escape?

4. Again an assumption will be helpful. Indian cops are not upto the mark to an ex-CIA. So Fletcher easily dumb-founds the cops, and gets off. But how did he know Govind is on his way to the sea? Fletcher, I believe, has no idea of the tons and tons of Sodium Chloride thing.

5. Imagine Fletcher knows magic, or has the ability to know where his target is. So he easily finds that Govid is on way to the sea. Fine. He follows Govind because he has the vial. Why doesn’t he abandon the Perumal idol?

6. How did the Japanese Kamal find that Govind/Fletcher, whoever he thinks killed Yuva is in India? Well, he first goes to America, then comes to know that the killer is off to India. Sorry, I didn’t understand the Chinese dialogues. 😀

7. And in the climax, how did Japanese Kamal know the climax is set near the sea? 😮 Well, the director must have told him. 😀

8. I mentioned this to some of my friends. Some told, “Wow! You noticed so much in just one go! You are a genius!”.

9. And some others. Bloody hell. Why do you go for movies? To have fun or to do research in human philosophy. Cut the crap killjoy.

10. In malayalam, we say “Kathayil Chodyamillya“. Roughly translating to “Avoid Questioning Stories (Have a better translation? Leave a comment!)

Dasavataram comments from other blogs.

A blockbuster declared, its high point is the 10 roles and the 10 roles alone. Of course apart from the superior technical part of it.  – Arun. N

There are some places where logic is compromised and some places where Dr.Kamal’s ideas on atheism and other things are mixed in but indeed the audience are not insane to nod to everything that is depicted. – Sayee Ram Vijayakumar

“If he receives an Oscar next year, we will add the movie to the list. Until then I consider it just link spam to get any attention to this what ever Tamil language feature film…!?” – Arun Kumar S


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