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Doing Nothing

Posted by Jithin on July 16, 2008

It’s finally July, about two months since the beginning of summer holidays in May. Most of my friends have been complaining lately that the holidays had been pretty long and boring and they were simply vetti (meaning jobless in tamil). I find it them all amusing.

Many of my friends have put their orkut and gtalk status as “doing nothing”. Thoughts flow. How can you possibly do nothing? And what does nothing in fact mean? It could mean nothing more than, well, nothing!

When doing nothing, meaning sitting idle without doing anything productive, the body is idle, not the mind and soul. Your mind might be rumbling with random thoughts.  It’s difficult for the mind to remain blank/idle. You might feel that you are blank, washed out and thinking nothing, but the truth is you are not. You feel blank and thoughtless, when there is a sudden rush of creativity, imagination, ideas and thoughts through your mind. That’s what I believe. The volume of thoughts is so large that you just can’t remember what you have been thinking!

It’s like dreaming. Some remember the dreams they watch, while others find it difficult to recollect them. I remember hearing this dialogue in a Malayalam movie.

The human brain has answers to every question born out of human curiosity, that can satisfy our lust for knowledge. It is hidden from the conscious, beyond the sub-conscious, in the unconsious mind.

Idle mind is the devil’s workshop

True. I picture devil’s workshop as a place were everyone is doing something or the other. Making a plan or executing it. That means an idle mind and the devil’s workshop are two contradicting situations. The human mind can never be idle. It’s a truth, an unproven truth probably.

I came across a post that gives you tips on how to do nothing! But after reading it I thought that, instead of doing nothing you are actually doing something, something that could result in a brainstorm, topic for late night chat or even a new blog post.

So the next time you accuse yourself for feeling bored and doing nothing, relax, because you are doing something called nothing.


One Response to “Doing Nothing”

  1. dhruv1989 said

    thats a really diplomatic approach.. nice post tho…
    my writing style differs greatly coz i write comic stuff… dont like a very serious environment.. And if u weere in my position i.e trapped in a desert with ntn but a laptop,, u’d know :)…

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