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When miracles happen

Posted by Jithin on September 7, 2008

How would it be when something you never expected to happen in your favor, happens?

You would be in eternal bliss. At least I was. It was like I couldn’t believe if whatever was happening was in a dream or reality.

That was how I felt when Delta induction results came out. I was confident of not getting past the three levels of induction, but the final list of selected members had my name. I was awestruck and had that unusual feeling of happiness, something vibrating through my torso.

Delta is the Webteam force in National Institute of Technology, Trichy, a club that takes care of the websites and also There are several clubs, both active and inactive in the campus. Getting inducted into clubs like Delta, Dance Troupe, Music Troupe and Spider are considered a luck and a challenge. There are other clubs also like Writer’s Circle.

Let’s come back to my story.

As many in the campus, I too wanted to get through and be a part of Delta. They conducted workshops on web design and that gave me an insight into what Delta focuses on. They also announced that inductions will be conducted in our third sems, as soon as the college reopens. With hopes of getting through, I prepared for the induction tests, that i expected to include web design, php, javascript, mysql etc. I was determined to prepare, but my determination was just not enough, cause I drifted off track everytime I logged into my comp, and ended up chatting on orkut.

I spent the entire time of 2.5 months of holidays. My status was : theoretical and bookish knowledge of web design, and literally no practice. A gist of CSS, but no idea of how to implement it.

I came back to college soon, as my holidays ended. Soon the day of inductions came. I registered with little hopes and confidence.

The tests took place, and in which I still believe I screwed up the web design part. ( I know what the panelist during the interview had commented on my website 😀 ). The coding part on day two, was OK, I guess, because, I did exactly what a majority of people could do. The interview too went on for what I felt like 45 minutes. Finally the inductions was over.

My expectations of getting through was 0. Yes, ZERO. I told my mom, my performance was bad and I have lost all hopes of getting through. I told her, there are other avenues, and I will try those.

And hence, I did not worry about when the results will be out. Ignorance is Bliss.

But when it was out, I did have the urge to know who all got inducted. I came to know on my way back to the hostel from gym, that my friend Hariharan had been inducted. I was confident, that I wouldn’t be selected. Don’t ask me why, but it was it like that. Some times, human actions should be left unexplained, especially actions of frenzy people like me. I went back to my room, told whoever asked me about the result that I don’t know.

After bath, I went to my friend Rakesh’s room, who was most likely to be selected. And there they gave me a shock. They told, he wasn’t selected, but I got through!

And my response was, “Guys, stop kidding, please don’t tease me”. But they weren’t kidding. I rushed to the computer center, and checked the results. I couldn’t believe it! I closed the browser (firefox), and opened the page in ie7, to check if it was some browser error. I was probably going mad. I logged out, waited for half an hour and then logged in again and checked.

The result was the same, I was in. But then I checked the list again, how come Rakesh isn’t in? And again to my surprise, his name was there! I passed on the information and he too was happy. Someone had checked the list and hadn’t noticed his name.

I still wonder what miracles happened those three days, and what resulted in getting me through. I am still in a state of disbelief as of how I got through. I consider this as a gift from God, because, I believe God is responsible for every other thing that I am unable to explain and no one is able enough to explain it to me in a satisfactory way.

Finally I migrate from NO CLUBER’S CLUB to DELTA.



4 Responses to “When miracles happen”

  1. kra said


    Was nice reading this.. anyways… personally i thought u wud get thro as u showed a “lot” of enthu on ur blog about hacking and stuff..

    Good luck for your future ventures on delta 😀

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