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Thoughts so Beautiful

Posted by Jithin on December 26, 2008

I came across this word, eunoia. It is a word with all the vowels of the English language. Infact it is the shortest such word. Another word which carries all the vowels is Mozambique, which is a African country. This word means to be in normal mental health. That does mean something good.

It looked like such a good word to be the name for a blog. So I typed into the address bar, only to find a blog with a single post. It had been abandoned. Well eunoia is such a rarely used word that it would be difficult for people to remember and visit that blog.

Another issue is on how to pronounce this word. I have not confirmed the pronounciation, but now I pronounce it as you-know-e-yah. Sounds preety cool huh?! 

You may wonder why this post is titled Thoughts So Beautyful. Because eunoia also means beautyful thinking. A beautifully thought and constructed word that is the smallest word to house all the five English vowels and which also expresses the beauty in the thought process which lead to its existence.


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